Reclaiming an old and wildly overgrown garden

I took on this large plot of ground at a Community Garden last Spring. Here’s the garden gate and, behind it, please note the tall, tall mugwort, burdock, thistle, and other plants whose names I do not know. The garden neighbors told me it had been the garden of a Polish man who’d moved away 2 years earlier.

The garden gate.
The garden gate.

It was a very big project for me, but I was aching to dig and plant. And there were 3 fruit trees growing: a huge, ancient cherry, an apple and a pear tree. I couldn’t resist the glamour of it all.








Over several days, I’d made a pretty good dent it with a fancy scythe and hedge clippers. What a sweaty, dirty job. My idea of a good time that Spring! Are you planting this Spring? What’s going into your garden?

Taking down the weeds.
Taking down the weeds.

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