From Memories to the Page: The Gentle, Wild Art of Memoir Writing

A Life Stories Writing Course

Write your stories, one by one.

This is a six to eight-week curriculum which brings together grown-ups, ages 55 and up, who have lived to tell. We meet for 2 hours each week to study the craft of writing and to write, write, write life stories.

The process?

Memories are jogged in unique and creative ways.

Resistance and procrastination issues are addressed.

Writing blocks are gently dissolved.

Important aspects of the craft of writing are taught.

Students learn how to give and receive positive feedback and encouragement, and to develop a personal writing practice that works.

This 8-week course in writing memoir was launched in Room 108 at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Main Branch on the Parkway. Twenty participants wrote, read, and polished their stories. What an amazing group.

This course was held at the Main Line arts Center during their 2019 Winter Session, and may be on the roster again in the Fall. Currently we are in the Spring Session, happening at my art studio in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The SUMMER SESSION will begin in mid-May. I’ll post time and location soon!

“The range of voices in the class is amazing. The fact that everyone is writing so authentically is because of your safe container and gentle encouragement……you’ve got the special sauce!”—E.K. Villanova, PA

“The memoir course being given at the senior center (Free Library of Phila Senior Services) by Barbara Mayfield is the best program I have ever gone to at the library and I have gone to many wonderful ones at FLP since I was a small child. It is a miracle that for the first time, I am able to overcome writing blocks, to be able to both write and share aloud my writing.”—H.L., Philadelphia, PA

“I make my living as a storyteller, and I know my way around a narrative arc, character development, plot pacing, and creative blocks. But no artist every outgrows the need for structured learning situations and master teachers, like Barbara Mayfield…..Ms. Mayfield creates a safe structure where nothing is off limits, everybody is nudged toward the edge of their comfort zones, but nobody is pushed….”—Megan Hicks, Storyteller, Rose Valley, PA

Contact Barbara about enrolling in a course or to bring the course to your group.