Improv Storytelling Workshops

Improvisational Storytelling — the most fun in the world that can be had while sitting in a chair.

Tell a story they won't forget.
Tell a story they won’t forget.

Improv Storytelling is a cross between a campfire sit-around and a bungee jump. 

The process is guided, has clear ground rules, intriguing “prompts” and timed exercises. We work in small groups and teams of two. I make a safe space where creative blocks can dissolve and Creative Mind opens and blooms.

Improv Storytelling is a way to tap into the unlimited flow of creative inspiration at a moment’s notice.

Believe it or not, everyone can do this.

Who benefits?

This work is for everyone who wants to experience the mystical power of the spontaneous.

No matter if you are left brain or right brain. No matter if you are an artist, a writer, a poet, a butcher or a baker, a scientist or city planner. No matter your age or gender. Connecting with the deep stream of one’s imagination benefits everyone in both mysterious and practical ways.

This work does serve Creatives especially well. Writers, visual artists, actors, storytellers, story-slammers, singers and songwriters, musicians, sculptors and screenwriters, professional embroiderers of any genre and level are taken to even deeper levels in their active creative minds.

And for those who think they are not creative, this work is an eye-opener. 

Let’s be clear: Improv Storytelling is a unique form.

It’s not improv comedy. You will not be asked to be funny, tell jokes or stand up in front of an audience.

Improv Storytelling is not traditional storytelling. You don’t have to have any old-timey stories in your back pocket or know the myths of the Greeks.

Improv Storytelling is thrilling and unstoppable. You will access stories you didn’t even know were there.

More details: Workshops are held in beautiful environments: living rooms, artist studios, design centers, conference rooms, yachts….

Taking a ONE-DAY Workshop is great and a TWO-DAY workshop is even better. We work with even-numbered groups of 6 to 14 participants. Prepare nothing. Be comfortable. Bring yourself and a notebook and a writing instrument. I’ll bring everything else. Most workshops are set up to run from 10am til 4pm with a civilized amount of time for lunch. Creative play requires fuel.

I’m based in Philadelphia now and I bring this work everywhere. Contact me with questions and for pertinent details about arranging a workshop for your group.

Where Improv Storytelling comes from:

In the late 1990’s, the benevolent forces of the Universe managed to have me be invited to join an under-the-radar-very-low-profile group of women who practiced the art of improv storytelling in the living room of a private home on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the foot of a Sangre de Cristo mountain. I thought I had studied every kind of improv – comedy, acting, movement – but this form was a completely different experience. It has made me a better writer and artist, and it turned me into a published author.


“The form made it possible to access stories I didn’t know were there! Good techniques to just move through the anxiety. You set a great, welcoming atmosphere…”—Donna Connelly, Attorney-at-law, Santa Fe, NM

“I loved your class!  Thanks so much, Barbara, for inspiring me to look outwards in ways I never would have expected. Your prompts were wonderful, and so much fun.  And your whole manner of working is so gentle, so encouraging and again…so much fun.”—Robin Bady, Storyteller, Arts Educator, Brooklyn, NY

“We all agreed the workshop was such a wonderful idea for our group … stimulating, energizing, and fun. We loved your nurturing, accepting manner, and we admired how you retained everything you heard, so that your appreciations felt really validating of our work.”—Lynn Ruehlmann, Storyteller, Norfolk, VA

“Very valuable….to be taken out of my so-called “normal” life. This was fabulous.”—Georgia Larson, Site Manager, 50+ Employment Connection, Santa Fe, NM

“It was a stretch I needed, in a way I needed it!”—Fleur Wright, Visual Artist, Santa Fe, NM

“…I broke through….fears around oral storytelling……I’m glad we couldn’t fall back on writing, because that’s a crutch…”.—Kristen Barendson, Author, Editor, Writer, Santa Fe, NM